Custom/Designer Doors

There is a huge range of options and they are designed and manufactured to suit your requirements.


From the Clearlite Door with aluminium frame and acrylic inserts, Alipanel custom doors, Timber Doors, Perfalite Doors, Twinlite doors, Insulated Sectional Doors and more. The options are endless.


Architectual Doors available in both Sectional and Tilt Doors

Clearlite Clear anodised Frame & Opal Inserts
Clearlite- Clear Anodised Frame & Opal & Perforated Inserts
Clearlite Prescious Silver & Ice Inserts

Insulated Sectional Door Prescious Silver

Ply Sectional

Clearlite- Clear Anodised Frame & Black Acrylic

Ali Louvre Sectional

Clearlite - Black frame & Ice inserts